Growing up, I always played with ingredients I found in the kitchen. man! from coffee to turmeric, to even onions. when I tell you I had no limits, I am not being extra… I promise. After burning and peeling my skin a couple of times, that was when I finally decided to properly do my research before mixing or applying anything on my skin.

I have made some scrubs a couple of times before and hence why I am writing this. This sugar body scrub is not only easy but also safe.


¬Sugar [white and brown]

This image does not belong to me.

¬Olive oil

¬Essential oil [Preferably Tea tree or lavender]

¬ A container with lid


¬Pour a tablespoon of white sugar into a bowl

¬ Add a tablespoon of brown sugar, mix them together.

¬Add your olive oil [you can use any type of oil you want, I just prefer olive oil or coconut oil and here’s why]

¬Add your essential oil. [essential oils are very strong as most of you may know, so just 4 drops will be enough]

¬Mix thoroughly and voila! your sugar body scrub is ready.



A couple of beauty bloggers have discouraged the use of coconut oil on the skin especially the face. Yet some dermatologist have proven that it is indeed beneficial to the skin to use coconut oil. Personally, coconut oil has been very helpful for my skin but I don’t know if it will be for yours. Also, the measurement of the brown and white sugar to use wasn’t stated, because it varies on quantity.

It is not compulsory for you to combine both the white and brown sugar, you can use only one. This is just my method. You can also check my IG story for the last one I made.

23 thoughts on “DIY SUGAR BODY SCRUB

  1. I’ve heard the coconut oil jazz but I’m on the fence about it. On my face it was a bit too heavy but other parts of my body love it. This sugar scrub sounds yummy lol


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