For people such as myself that have acne-prone skin, turmeric is such a blessing to us. Click Here and Here to read more about the benefits of turmeric on the skin. INGREDIENTS -Turmeric {obviously} -Honey -lemon Juice -bowl and a wooden or plastic spoon Procedure •Make sure that your bowl and wooden stick or spoonContinue reading “DIY TURMERIC FACE MASK”

And I smiled…

I found this picture on Pinterest and it lightened up my mood. So, I decided to share❤️ Also check Olivia ‘s New blog post where I shared my journey to self acceptance. I sincerely hope my story will make you take a step on your own journey to self acceptance too. Thank you again Olivia,Continue reading “And I smiled…”


Growing up, I always played with ingredients I found in the kitchen. man! from coffee to turmeric, to even onions. when I tell you I had no limits, I am not being extra… I promise. After burning and peeling my skin a couple of times, that was when I finally decided to properly do myContinue reading “DIY SUGAR BODY SCRUB”


What do you think of when you lie on your bed at night? does your brain suddenly remind you of something horrible or embarrassing you’ve done in the past. or do you just fall asleep? Do you stare at the sky, admiring it beauty and planning all your goals? do you tell yourself, “my successContinue reading “HAVE YOU EVER…?”


yum yum yum! did someone say “good food” because i am always down for one. i mean i am “head over meals” okay that wasn’t funny, i’ll stop now. SO my darlings!!! i have come with good news and no, it’s not free food i want to give you… Geez! rather, i want to tellContinue reading “HEAD OVER MEALS”

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